Generation Wall

Das ist ja schön: vor ein paar Tagen wurde mein englisches Buch „Generation Wall“ im Blog des DDR-Museums (Berlin Mitte) vorgestellt. Hier ein kurzer Auszug:

Mark Scheppert began writing his stories in 2008 and he intended to write something new and unique about the GDR representative for his generation and not existing so far.

Scheppert felt that nowhere in literature about the German Democratic Republic he could picture himself. He did neither belong to the generation of „Zonenkindern“ nor lived in „Sonnenallee“. He couldn’t find his experiences or his youth in other books about the GDR, therefore wasn’t able to identify with it. But above all he couldn’t associate his feelings and emotions with this time.

Vollständig kann man den Text hier lesen

Ebook „Generation Wall“ – in Germany

Ebook „Generation Wall“ – in Great Britain

Ebook „Generation Wall“ – in the USA

Ebook "Generation Wall"